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Mediation Styles

Mediation has been used for centuries to resolve disputes. However, every modern mediator has his or her own style – and some styles are more effective at solving disputes than others are.


What Do You Need From Mediation?

home_media_sliderYou need a resolution, and mediation can help you get one.

As a lawyer, your primary goal is your client’s happiness. If a judge has ordered your client to mediation because the dispute is complex, or if you and your client have decided that mediation is worth a try, one thing is certain: mediation can save money and time.

Mediation can also save everyone involved from the headache of months of litigation that may or may not work out in your client’s favor.


Common Mediation Styles

Experienced mediators have developed their own strategies that combine the most effective problem-solving techniques for reaching resolutions. Talented mediators are flexible enough to approach each case in a way that helps the parties reach a resolution.


The Interventionist Approach to Mediation

The interventionist approach to mediation is results driven. An interventionist mediator is able to evaluate the case by giving the parties an opportunity to explain their side of the dispute.

When the issues are brought to light, an interventionist mediator will work hard to come up with reasonable solutions for both sides. He will offer suggestions and tailor those suggestions to meet the parties’ needs.


Facilitative Mediation

During facilitative mediation, the mediator asks questions, validates each point of view and helps find solutions. However, in facilitative mediation, the mediator refrains from giving advice, opinions or recommendations.


Evaluative Mediation

During evaluated mediation, the mediator makes recommendations and provides opinions about what could happen if the case goes to court. An evaluative mediator may play devil’s advocate and point out the strengths or weaknesses of each position.



Transformative mediation seeks to get each party to recognize the other’s point of view. The idea is to transform the relationship between the parties, and it is highly focused on interaction between the disputants.


Narrative Mediation

The focus of narrative mediation is to get both parties to view the dispute with an outsider’s perspective. During narrative mediation, the parties talk through the dispute and essentially rewrite it with a new ending.


What is the Most Productive Mediation Style?

Because every dispute is different, it’s difficult to say which mediation style is most productive. However, a talented mediator will pull the best aspects from each style in order to ensure that the disputants are able to communicate and share information.

Many attorneys find that the interventionist approach is the most well-rounded, and that it serves their clients best. Because an interventionist mediator knows how to adapt based on the situation at hand, he is able to use the right techniques at the right times.

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