20 Years of Helping Resolve Tough Disputes
and Finding Practical Solutions to Complex Problems

About Phillips Mediation Group

We are known for efficiency & readiness


Over the course of 20 years, PMG Founder, Eric Phillips, has litigated high-stake cases, representing clients throughout the United States in mediations with more than $700 at issue.

In his experiences, he’s worked with many different mediators, each with his or her own style and approach to resolving conflicts.

It soon became apparent that certain mediators, although few and far between, consistently produced outstanding results, while others frequently left the parties disappointed in the outcome and dissatisfied with the mediation process itself.

Unfortunately, retaining high quality mediators often meant clients had to wait a year or more for available dates to become open on their calendars.

Even if the clients were lucky enough to get a coveted spot on the mediator’s calendar, most charged fees that only the wealthiest individuals or large businesses and government agencies could afford.

Drawing from his experience working with some of the nation’s most highly acclaimed mediators, Mr. Phillips developed his own style and approach to dispute resolution and began offering mediation services.

Mr. Phillips has successfully mediated hundreds of cases with exceptional results. He has garnered high praise for his skill, demeanor, ability to keep both parties calm and open to negotiations, and ability to find practical solutions to complex disputes.

Mr. Phillips founded PMG on Three Core Beliefs with a clearly defined Mission: to make high-quality mediation services affordable and accessible to a broad range of individuals and organizations and to advance mediation as the first choice for dispute resolution when direct party negotiations fail.


  • In the right hands, mediation is highly effective for a wide range of disputes, including many that appear impossible to resolve.
  • In most cases, all mediation options and efforts should be explored before resorting to more costly and time-consuming dispute resolution methods such as litigation or arbitration.
  • High-quality mediation services should be affordable and accessible to a broader range of individuals and organizations.


  • PMG is committed to providing exceptionally high-quality mediation at value-driven rates.
  • PMG strives to advance mediation as the first choice for dispute resolution when direct party negotiations fail.



PMG has decades of successful mediation experience on both sides of the table; whether representing a party to the dispute or serving as the neutral mediator. It should come as no surprise that we believe strongly in the mediation process and the benefits it can produce. Some of the features that make mediation an ideal vehicle for resolving difficult disputes include:

The process is voluntary and, in most cases, confidential.

The parties retain control over the outcome.

They have flexibility to craft resolutions that may not be available with litigation or arbitration.

Mediation is usually much faster and less costly than other dispute resolution methods.


PMG founder and mediator, Eric Phillips, is at the forefront of research and applied work in this emerging field. For over two decades, Mr. Phillips has developed and refined innovative litigation risk analysis methods using expected value analysis and document and decision tracking techniques. The result is a multi-step process that helps clients:

Increase transparency and buy-in for decisions during all phases of the dispute.

Make more efficient and effective use of their organization’s time at the executive, management and personnel levels in connection with on-going disputes.

Reduce unnecessary or potentially “low return” dispute resolution costs.

Make better informed and more proactive settlement decisions.