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The Art of Mediation is finding
Creative Ideas to Bridge the differences

Welcome to Phillips Mediation Group

We understand the process of mediation can seem daunting and overwhelming.  We aim to make the process smooth for both attorneys and their clients by providing a neutral, private, and proactive process where all parties leave feeling like they have been heard and in most cases, feeling much better than when they first came in.

Allow us to offer a solution to high-stakes conflict resolution matters so that you can eliminate the stress, hassle, and costly fees that go along with arbitration or litigation.

When you meet with us, you hold the power to decide the outcome and feel as if you’ve been heard.  We want nothing more than to get you and your clients back to your regular routines.

Trust us to get you the results you want without all of the hassle and expense of litigation and arbitration.

PMG’s Tenets of Mediation

In the right hands, mediation is highly effective for a wide range of disputes, including many that appear impossible to resolve.

In most cases, all mediation options and efforts should be explored before resorting to more costly and time consuming dispute resolution methods such as litigation or arbitration.

High-quality mediation services should be affordable and accessible to a broader range of individuals and organizations.

Mediation Resources

The Mediation Process

Many attorneys realize that mediation can help their clients come to a resolution much more quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re like most lawyers, you know what mediation is; you know that it’s an alternate dispute resolution method.

Best Mediation Styles

Mediation has been used for centuries to resolve disputes. However, every modern mediator has his or her own style.

Qualities of a Mediator

If you are bringing a client’s case to mediation, you need to know what to look for in a mediator.

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Value of Time Avoided Sitting in Court & Depositions